In early April 2020, a small group of concerned citizens gathered to address the impending COVID -19 pandemic that has affected about 198 nations globally, resulting in a health and financial crisis of proportions unseen in modern history. In rural Bangladesh, this condition was expected to peak around the end of April. The combined effort of PSLF (Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation), UBOMUS, USHA Bangladesh and HBB (Humanity Beyond Borders) provided the much-needed supplies in the face of the prevailing difficult circumstances. They managed to distribute the supplies to the affected areas in spite of logistic hurdles to 41 Medical Centers and 10 individual doctors across the country. 
Bangladesh is a developing country with critical shortage of medical supplies. It was of vital importance to provide assistance in the shortest possible time to remote coastal regions. The transportation and communication system has been shut down to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus as a mandated lockdown situation was prevalent across the country. 
Supplies were ordered from China amid airline closures and local lockdown conditions. Masks of the non-surgical type were locally manufactured, stitched at breakneck speed in order to meet the unexpected need. A small covered van, usually used to distribute solar lighting supplies to remote regions was utilized to make the trips to these far-flung areas across Southern Bangladesh. Additional supplies were shipped directly from China to Italy, as well as to the US (New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois and California) to accommodate critical needs of medical personnel, friends and families of organization members.
Upazila Health Complexes across Bangladesh were selected to receive medical supply packages with special focus on remote areas of Coastal Bangladesh. It is probable that very few agencies will reach these areas in time to provide help, in case there is an urgent need for medical supplies in the near future. 

Total number of products: 2,600 PPE.
Total number of masks: 20,000 (combination mostly surgical, with a handful of non-surgical masks)
Number of Hospitals: 12
Number of private Hospitals: 9
Number of Government operated Upazila Health Complexes: 41
Number of Medical Colleges: 1
The locations of the Hospitals, Clinics and Health Complexes are provided in the Digital Map below.

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