1. Women In Development (WID) Program

Women In Development Program (WID) comprised of a package program, as follows:

 > Group organization

 > Women and Child  traffic king prevention program

 > Gender and Development Program and

 > Training program

The main aim of the program is to empower the women through providing required support and services. Women of the poor and poorest families, those have been the members of the USHA BANGLADESH  organized groups, are the primary target beneficiaries of the program and other women of the program those are non members, area are the secondary beneficiaries 

1.1. Group organization:   

The organization mainly works through the group approach: organize target beneficiaries` into groups and reach various development supports and services to beneficiaries through these groups.

The USHA BANGLADESH  has organized 60 groups with 1087 Member. The groups have been organized with the women of the poor and poorest families. These groups have been organized during 2000-20018 period. Information on the groups, members and their savings is given below

Information on groups, members and savings 

Upazila Union  No. of Villages Groups  Member Savings Tk
Jibannagar Municipality 10 17 323 523906
  Baka 06 07 147 238434
  Seemanta 08 10 190 308180
  Uthali 06 09 180 291960
  Andolebaria 02 04 85 137870
  Hasadah 06 07 135 218970
  Monoherpur 05 07 130 210860
  KDK 02 04 65 105458
Total 45 61 1255 2035638


1.2. Women and Child Trafficking  prevention program :

Women and Child Trafficking issue is very much sensitive in our country particularly in boarder-belt area. USHA BANGLADESH activities in the boarder-belt area regarding this issues is significant since inception. Under this project, peoples of the 12 villages are made conscious and aware of women and child trafficking through community meetings, develop program operational skills among the village volunteers. and provide training to the community peoples etc.

Thana Union No. of Village Muster
trainer training
Trafficking training
Community meeting
Jibannagar Seemanta 04 14 56 1568
  Uthali 03 10 40 1080
Total 07 24 96 2648



1.3. Gender and Development Program (Strengthen Movement to advance Women’s Rights and Gender Equality)

The project is covering 32 villages of Banka, Andolebaria Union and Jibannagar Municipility under Jibannagar upazila. The aim of this program is to develop consciousness and awareness about the gender relation; gender gap and male female equity etc To reach the goal following activities have been carried out

 > Early marriages are reduced
 > Domestic violence is reduced and violence against women.
 > Sexual Harassment is reduced at institutional level.
 > Increased number of women making decisions in the political arena.


School Orientation Rally and Gathering National Day ovjervation Community dialog held Community meeting Gender Tr
Batches Participant No Participant No Participant Batches Participant Batches Participant  Batches Participant
15 3750 06 1850 03 1050 24 670 35 1455 04 102



2. Income Generating Program (IGP)

2.1. Credit support program

Poverty alleviation is one of the important program of USHA BANGLADESH  aiming to reduce poverty among poor pro-poor, extreme poor through implementing need based loan by the targeted segments. The group members are provided credit supports for undertaking and operating income-generating activities. The main aim of the credit program is to help the poorest of the poor group members towards alleviate their acute poverty. The group members are provided necessary technical supports for their IGAs.

Credit supports are provided for short term only. Short term is for one year. The group members are normally or mortgage is claimed for the credit supports. Groups pressure is considered as the collateral or mortgage. Credit is channeled to the individual group members through their respective groups.

Claim 14.30% service chares on the credit yearly. The credit is recovered by weekly equal installment. The service charge has been received on Flat method.

Group member themselves selected their Income –generating activities. Field organizers   cooperate with group members in selecting the IGA. However in selection of   income -generating activities, the several pre set criteria has been maintained

During reporting period a total of Tk. 83,14,000 has been disbursed to 810 group members for undertaking and operating various IGAs and Total Disbursed of Taka 10,69,91,000, Members 11,677. Total Loan Outstanding Tk 70,61,732.

Tread-wise credit support

Trade Borrower Tk distributed Tk realized Recovery rate (%)
Current To date Current To date
Crops production 188 2915 1,930,000 27,050,000 7145300 98.85
Food processing 165 2150 1,690,000 19,725,000 6935689 97.95
Small Trades 233 3525 2,392,000 32,535,000 23618445 97.70
Rikshaw Van 108 1075 1,108,000 9,570,000 3524580 97.25
Livestock 116 2012 1,194,000 18,111,000 11006907 98.65
Total 810 11,677 83,14,000 10699100 99929268 98.08

The group themselves, following the preset selection criteria primarily selects the Credit beneficiaries. This selection is finalized by cross-checking and verification by the organization. However, the group members are helped in selecting the right IGA.


Loan disbursement by year :

USHA BANGLADESH  have been providing more loan on IGAs among the beneficiaries comparison to the past year respectively. This is one of the indicator of USHA BANGLADESH  acceptance among the beneficiaries. Year wise loan disbursement scenario is given below:

Trade Disbursed by year wise
  2015 2016 2017 2018
Crops production 1070000 1570000 1578000 1975000
Food processing 955000 1255000 1195000 1893000
Small Trades 2132000 2732000 2332000 3506000
Rikshaw Van 955000 1355000 1405000 2521000
Livestock 1202000 1320000 1120000 1630000
Total 6314000 8232000 8630000 1,15,25,000


3.  Health Services Program 

3.1.  Water and Sanitation Program

Waterborne diseases are mainly due to lack of sanitation practices. USHA BANGLADESH   vision to form a just society for healthy and enlightened society.   The group members  and  the  peoples of  the  project villages are  educated  on  the  use  of  Safe drinking water and  sanitary  latrines  through  training  and  community  meetings  and  supply of  sanitary  latrines at  reasonable  cost  basis. During  the  last  one  year  200  sets  of  sanitary  latrines  have  been  supplied  to  the  group  members and other families of the program villages.

Supply  of  Sanitary  Latrines

Union  Village VDC meeting held Ring Production and Distribution Slab Production and Distribution
Seemanta     Produced Distributed Produced Distributed
  Banipur 4   250   50
  Kaya 4   250   50
  Zadubpur 4   250   50
  Gangaduspur 4   250   50
Total 04 16   1000   200



3.2. HIV/AIDS Awareness Program: 

Consciousness programs regarding HIV/AIDS have been attached with the organization Since 2002 with a view to make the young people and group members conscious about the global horror of HIV/AIDS and its impact in Bangladesh.

Provision of HIV/AIDs orientation, Training and Service to young People via Life skill Education and youth Friendly Health Service. During 2018 a number Training courses have been arranged for the young people, condom seller Training. A Total of 1087 Stake holders/beneficiaries, received various training.



4. Education:

4.1. Education Support Program (ESP): 

USHA BANGLADESH  have been implementing Education Support Program (ESP as a part of Non-Formal Education by the financial and technical assistance of BRAC. A total of 10 (ten) Education Centre with 300 students have been enrolling through the schools. Ages between 8-12 years students attending these schools up-to class Three. Attendance rate is average 98.78%.  Statistics of the running schools are given below:

District Upazila Union name Name of Village Nos of Centre Students
          Boys Girls
Chuadanga Jibannagar Uthali Dhopakhali 02 14 46
      Banka Mathpara 02 14 46
    Shimanto Benipur 04 28 92
      Koya 02 14 46
01 01 02 04 10 70 230


5. Disabled Persons Rehabilitation (DPR)

Bringing disable mainstreaming in the society their social and economic rehabilitation is essential. Being a social organization. USHA BANGALADESH have implementing this program. This program is covering 12 Villages. Aim of this program is to improve the quality of lives of disabled persons in the Program villages. Selected and serving to 42 disabled persons.

Providing a number of supports and services like special education, primary rehabilitation therapy,IGAs,formal educational scopes etc and supplied Aid Materials to the disabled persons.

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